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Bristol's forgotten skatepark.

There is nothing worse than a badly built skatepark. Not only does it not achieve its sole responsibility but it also blocks the potential of other skateparks being built in the local area because to the untrained eye it seems that the skatepark box has been ticked. Victoria Park was built in 2005 and then instantly forgotten, it's not mentioned on the council facility list for the park, nor recognised as a skatepark in the UK skateparks directory

How did this happen? We will never know but it's time to right some wrongs...

To support our campaign please visit:

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The Aim

VPAG (Victoria Park Action Group), The Bristol Skateboard Collective and some local residents are working together with local councillors and Bristol City Council to improve Victoria Park Skatepark in South Bristol. We have secured some initial funding, but we need to raise more to make a real difference to the space. The aim is to raise £150,000 and really transform the park.

If you would like to find out more about this project or get involved in helping improve Bristol's skateparks then drop us a message on the form below.

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