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The Big One

St George’s skatepark was built by Wheelscape in 1982 and then revisited by them in 2003 to bring it up-to-date and renovate the surfaces.

They later gave the park a re-vamp in November 2012. Currently it is an all-concrete park with a three section bowl with some street elements and some mellow transitions.

Bristol Skatepark Collective are supporting elevatebristol in their bid to provide a world-class wheelpark for Bristol which is also a thriving hub for our community. A place which is welcoming for people of all ages to meet, socialise, get active and learn skills. A place to Elevate. This project was launched in Spring 2020 and aims to complete the skatepark by 2024. BSC are looking to partner with Elevate Bristol offering assistance in media, comms and fundraising. 

If you would like to find out more about this project or get involved in helping improve Bristol's skateparks then drop us a message on the form below.

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