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Moving out of town

Nailsea skatepark is a concrete plaza style skatepark with bowl. It was built by Wheelscape in July 2016, replacing the original metal ramps.

The original metal skatepark previously featured a mini ramp, quarter pipes, flat banks and a driveway but with the support of Nailsea Town Council, The Nailsea Skatepark Project formed and raised £120,000 for the new facility.

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We were passed the hammer.

Nailsea skatepark was successfully completed in 2016 and now helps nurture a thriving skate scene in the town and surrounding areas.

Joe Williams (Co-founder of the Bristol Skatepark Collective) and The Nailsea Skatepark Project successfully secured over £120,000 towards the project.

Now the hub of Naislea scene skaters travel from far and wide for a session.

Nailsea: About
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